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Viridian SmartGlass™ is a range of single glazed toughened Low E products that incorporate an advanced energy efficient insulation coating. A choice of solar control with low reflectivity ideally suited to the demands of Australian residential home applications. The hard coat Low-E that is used in SmartGlass™ is applied to the glass while it is still semi-molten as it comes out of the glass making furnace. It is a metallic coating that fuses to the glass permanently. Unlike soft coat Low-E, that the coating is applied (like most other coatings), after the glass has cooled, is very vulnerable to damage and has to be made up with the coating protected inside a double glazed window. SmartGlass™ hard coat is a very durable coating and can be used like ordinary glass with the coating exposed as a single sheet of glass. SmartGlass™ provides excellent performance and versatility for single glazed windows. SmartGlass™ has been selected for Australian climate conditions to assist in achieving energy star ratings for home designs, whilst still capturing natural light and views. Viridian SmartGlass™ is available in three colours, each providing increasing levels of solar protection (SP). You should talk with your builder to determine the SmartGlass™ most suited to your home’s location, climate and window orientation.