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Unbeatable Stainless Steel Security Design

A lot of home security screens are just not up to it. They age and corrode in the elements and that can compromise your family’s safety. But not Invisi-Gard!

Invisi-Gard® is made from 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh and backed by a 15 year warranty. Using the unique, patented pressure retention and isolation method, you can rest assured that the stainless steel mesh will defy the most determined attack from both intruders and corrosion.

Invisi-Gard’s Qualities

Corrosion Prevention of Invisi-Gard’s EGP

The construction of security screens requires stainless steel mesh to be attached to an aluminum frame, bringing two different metals together which can lead to corrosion.

To prevent this type of dissimilar metal corrosion, Invisi-Gard® have developed and patented a unique clamping system, called Extreme Grip Protection (EGP). This system cleverly captures the mesh within the frame using specially shaped co-extrusions of PVC. A PVC wedge is then used to apply uniform pressure around the frame which locks in the mesh.

The EGP system, used only by Invisi-Gard® means the mesh is able to be locked into the frame without the uses of screws or mechanical fixing, and means the potentially harmful contact between the metals is avoided.

Care and Maintenance

Your Invisi-Gard® Stainless Steel Security Screen should only ever need to be washed down with a soft brush using warm water and a mild detergent.

Rinse well with fresh water to remove any detergent residue. Do not use strong detergents or abrasive cleaners as they may scratch or damage the surface finish. (The frequency of this maintenance is determined by the location of the product). For full care & maintenance requirements visit

Technical Specification

Aluminium Frame6063-T5 Architectural Aluminium
MeshMarine Grade 316 Stainless Steel
Wire Diameter0.8mm
Mesh Count11 x 11 strands per 25mm2
Aperture Size1.6 x 1.6mm
Velocity Drop44.21%
Drag Coefficient0.6998
Wire Tensile Strength900MPa (Nominal)
Open Area44%

Mesh Matters!

316 grade stainless steel offers superior corrosion resistance over 304 as it contains an additional substance, molybdenum, giving higher protection from corrosion, notably in marine environments.

In fact, 316 is regarded as the standard marine grade material for this very reason. In the case of window and door security screens, required to be exposed to the elements over long periods of time, it makes sense that corrosion resistance is a fundamental consideration.

A final key factor which distinguishes Invisi-Gard® products from the market, is that only the highest quality mesh is sourced which is consistently quality controlled and accredited under international standards.

Increased Protection

Invisi-Gard® is BAL rated to protect your home against bushfires in areas from BAL-LOW up to and including BAL-40.

Wide Product Range

Invisi-Gard® Stainless Steel Screens have a wide range of products suitable for the following residential and commercial applications:

  • Hinged Doors
  • Sliding Windows
  • Sliding Doors
  • Security Screens
  • Patio Enclosures
  • Pool Fencing
  • Emergency Escape Systems

Sliding Doors

The Invisi-Gard® Sliding Door is the most versatile Stainless Steel door on the market. With many homes incorporating one or more sliding doors to access entertainment areas, gardens and patios. Invisi-Gard® Sliding Security Doors offer excellent security without compromising the view.

Hinged Doors

The Invisi-Gard® Hinged Door delivers a style and finish like no other. Manufactured and tested in accordance to the Australian Standards, Invisi-Gard® Hinged Doors will complement any home that requires enhanced levels of security.

Window Screens

The Invisi-Gard® Window Screen is the best option when it comes to securing the windows in your home or business. Invisi-Gard® Window Screens offer fantastic airflow and security while complementing the aesthetic appeal of the building.

Invisi-Scape Systems

Invisi-Scape® Emergency Escape Security Screens offer a simple keyless escape method in the event of a fire or an emergency situation. The need to escape through a window is one that we hope you will never require, however with the Invisi-Scape® System you have confidence in not only additional security but also the peace of mind of egress in an emergency.

An additional benefit of Invisi-Scape® screens is the ease of cleaning.

Choice of Stylish Colours

With Invisi-Gard® products, choosing or matching the colour to existing door and window frames isn’t a problem.

A full range of powder coat colours along with anodised and timber look wood grain finishes are readily available from your Licenced Invisi-Gard® Dealer.

Custom Built

All Invisi-Gard® products are custom built by your local Invisi-Gard® Dealer, made to measure to suit your exact requirements.

Rigorous Testing on Invisi-Gard


Dynamic Impact Tes

Australian Standard AS5039/5041-2008 Security Screen Doors and Security Windows Grilles

Dynamic Impact TestTest No.PASS
Hinged Security Screen Door2012042-5
Sliding Security Screen Door2012042-3
Security Window Grille2012042-1
Security Screen Door x 50 impacts (10x the Australian Standard)2011014

The patented EGP (Extreme Grip Protection) retention system allows Invisi to easily absorb the impact energy required by Australian Security Screen Standards. In fact Invisi-Gard® far exceeds this requirement and can resist in excess of 50 consecutive impacts, each of 100 Joules without failure, up to 10 times the Australian Standard requirement.

Jemmy Test

Australian Standard AS5039/5041-2008 Security Screen Doors and Security Windows Grilles

Jemmy TestTest No.PASS
Hinged Security Screen Door2012042-5
Sliding Security Screen Door2012042-3
Security Window Grille2012042-1

Invisi-Gard® is tested to withstand jemmy attacks from levers, such as large screwdrivers, used to apply large amounts of torque to locks and hinges.

Knife Shear Test

Australian Standard AS5039-2008 Security Screen Doors and Security Windows Grilles

Knife Shear TestTest No.PASS
Knife Shear test on Invisi MeshAZT0230.12

Invisi-Gard® successfully repels intruder attacks using utility knives or similar bladed tools used by a burglar seeking entry into your home.

Child Fall Prevention

Protection of openable windows

Outward Force TestPASS
Resist 250N outward force

Invisi-Gard® window screens provide protection against children falling out of second floor windows.


Australian Standard AS3959-2009 Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas

Bushfire TestTest No.PASS
BAL40 rating for Invisi-GardEP1210317
BAL40 rating for Invisi-Gard and Altair LouvresFSZ1662A

Invisi-Gard® is bushfire rated and protects your property from floating embers and reduces heat intensity of radiant heat flux.

Invisi-Gard® complies with the mesh aperture for screening of openable parts of windows up to BAL FZ conditions.

Fire Attenuation

Australian Standard AS1530.4-2014 Appendix B7

Fire Attenuation TestTest No.PASS
Achieves a fire attenuation rating of to 55% at 40kW/m 2 incident energy52577300a.1

Provides protection to limit the potential for fire spread to occur between buildings via flames and/or radiant heat.


Australian Standard AS2331.3.1 Methods of test for metallic and related coatings

Corrosion TestTest No.PASS
2,000 hour salt spray test with no sign corrosionAZT0139

Invisi-Gard® screens have been tested to withstand over 2000 hours of exposure in an accelerated corrosion test in a salt spray chamber without any signs of corrosion.

Energy Efficiency

Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS)

WERS rating for a Generic Aluminium with 3mm clear glass fitted an Invisi ScreenSHGCImprovement
WERS rating for a Generic Aluminium with 3mm clear glass fitted an Invisi Screen0.3851%

Fitting Invisi-Gard® Security Screens over the outside of your window can improve the energy efficiency of your window by up to 51%.