Pet Doors


Glass Pet Door:

Sizes: Small & Medium

Colour: Clear

Our Petway Glass fitting pet doors are specifically designed to fit into Glass Doors & Glass Panels. They are adjustable to a variety of Glass Panel thicknesses with a round cut-out. They come with a unique Pet Lock-Out Panel. A Glazier is required to fit these pet doors.

Security Screen Pet Doors:

Sizes: Small, Medium & Large

Colours: Black, White, Primrose, Stone Beige, Bronze & Brown

These pet doors can be fitted to:

  • Standard Security Screen Doors with the Diamond Shaped Grille. They come with simple fitting instructions, only requiring handyman tools. They can also be fitted to other types of doors as below.
  • Stainless Steel Doors have become more affordable so are now popular. This same Security Screen Pet Door can be fitted to Stainless-Steel Mesh Security Doors, with the only extra requirement being Black Single-Sided Sticky-Back Foam Tape to be fitted on the inside frame of our pet doors, to keep the pet door snug against the thin Stainless-Steel Mesh. This can be purchased from a one of the listed distributors or local Hardware.
  • Glass Doors & Panels: Some Glaziers adapt our Security Screen pet doors to fit into glass, particularly if there is only a narrow glass panel, being rectangle they are slimmer in width. They clamp over 11mm thickness so would need single-side sticky back foam tape or rubber as a gasket on the inside perimeter of our pet door frames to take up any gap.
  • Insect Screen Doors (standard frame) using our Support L Bracket. These are sold separately. L Bracket details below.

L Bracket:

Sizes: Small, Medium & Large

Colour: Neutral

The support L shaped Brackets (shown in red) are used when fitting our Security Screen Pet Doors to Standard Insect Screen Doors (with no security grille). Standard Insect Screen Door Frame has nothing for our Security Screen Pet Doors to grip onto. Using a support L Bracket makes it a simple job. The support L Bracket can also be used on Patio Enclosure Frame & Timber Framed Insect Screen Doors. No specific colour is required as these support brackets are hidden between the pet door frames when fitted.

Timber Pet Doors:

Sizes: Small, Medium & Large

Colour: White

These pet doors are designed to fit into a variety of thicknesses of Timber Doors, by simply squeezing the frames together to suit the thickness of a timber door. The Petway Timber Pet Doors can also be aligned with the Petway Security Screen Pet Doors of the same size. Customers particularly like the dual pet doors in cooler weather or hot weather when they have their air conditioners on, as they can shut their timber door and still allow their pets to travel through both pet doors. As two hard flaps don't work very successfully together, we have also designed a soft flexible flap that can be put in either pet door. The Timber Pet Door also comes with a slide down Pet Lock-Out Panel which slips down the back of the Timber pet door frame. This Pet Lock-Out Panel also doubles as a template to cut out the hole in the Timber Door


Flexible Flap:

Sizes: Small, Medium & Large

Colour: Clear

The Flexible Flaps can be fitted to all our pet door versions

  • Security Screen Pet Doors
  • Timber Pet Doors
  • Glass Pet Doors

Hopper Hatches:

Sizes: One Size only (110mm x 110mm flap size)

Colour: Black & White

Hopper Hatches are a Port Hole to allow handle access through Security Screens fitted to Hopper & Casement Windows. (Push Out Windows). The flap has a handle on it & is large enough for a man’s hand to fit through. They can be fitted onsite to allow for accurate location of window handle

All our Australian Made Petway Pet Doors & Hopper Hatches are made of UV Stabilised quality material, using Stainless Steel Screws, Magnets to keep the flaps in a vertical position (stopping a breeze holding the flaps ajar). All sizes & types of pet doors are lockable. All our pet doors leave our factory with a hard Poly-Carbonate flap which can be changed over to our optional flexible flap (the flexible flaps are sold separately). The Petway Pet Doors come with simple to follow fitting instructions. Please contact us if you require any further information.