Veluxe Skylight and Roof Window Installations in Adelaide

Nothing creates a bright and welcoming ambience quite like natural light, which is why a skylight or roof window is an amazing addition to any home. Velux have become renowned in Adelaide and beyond for the beauty, practicality and general innovation in each and every one of their designs, which is why we are a proud supplier and installer of their products.

Embrace the benefits of fresh air and daylight with a Velux skylight

The skylight range from Velux encompasses a variety of designs to improve natural light and ventilation in your home. They can turn even the most forgettable room into a feature space you would be proud to show off to any guest who walks through the front door.

Velux skylight windows are an aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient alternative to motorised ventilation. The design allows hot, stuffy air to naturally rise out through the skylight while cooler, fresher air flows in through vertical windows and open doorways.

Transform your forgotten rooms with Velux ceiling windows

Velux windows installed in the ceiling are a great way to turn your forgotten rooms, such as the attic or loft, into a beautiful space bathed in natural light and full of fresh air. The inclusion of a vent flap allows you to easily control airflow during rain or shine, keeping the room cool, dry and comfortable. The simple manual controls ensure the vent flap does not burn through electricity while remaining incredibly easy to use.

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